About Basic Dog

Our Goal
 It’s simple: Basic Dog is a welcoming place where dogs and owners have fun learning together and participate in a variety of canine activities.
We put the “fun” back into dog training for the trainer and especially the dog! We have developed an outstanding program using these methods. A well behaved dog is a joy for everyone. Easy, effective and fast results put enjoyment back into your busy lives with a well trained, happier dog!
Basic Dog is a local, family-owned and operated  business based right here in the Wausau area. We also provide satellite services to the surrounding communities. Basic Dog has always treated every customer like they are part of our family. Proudly, we are what you would call “dog people” and we couldn’t imagine life without a dog- maybe just like you! Unlike other stores where training classes are just a job requirement, our classes are led by highly experienced trainers that love their job! All our trainers have the education, dedication, and passion to provide a top level experience with the most current, scientifically proven, positive reinforcement training methods available. 
Committed to helping our customers be successful in achieveing their goals while having fun!
Fun, Positive Dog Training in Wausau!
Contact us: 1-715-870-2422
740 Grand Ave., Schofield, WI
Our Goal
 It’s simple: Basic Dog is a welcoming place where dogs and owners have fun learning together and participate in a variety of canine activities.
What types of methods do we use?
No matter what the lesson, creating an enthusiastic dog that is excited to learn is the fastest and easiest way to achieve success. Teaching behaviors that encourage your dog to be motivated and wanting to learn creates continued behavioral success. 
We identify rewards based individually on what each dog responds the best to and use those “rewards” to motivate the dog to comply with our requests. A dog’s individual reward can be a wide variety of things: a favorite squeaky toy only given for a job well done, petting, extra yummy food/treat, extra time playing ball, etc. What ever your dog finds most enjoyable can be a reward for them. 
Whether you are aiming for a well mannered, compliant family member that you can take everywhere or a “top in its field” sport competitor, positive, reward based training is the best!
Training Tools:
In addition to rewards, we also include a plain buckle collar or a front clip harness with a 6-foot leash. Treat pouches, clickers, and targeting objects (such as a target stick or container) are also highly suggested.
Statistically, the use of any type of shock collar can result in very serious negative side effects such as fear and a strong potential for aggression. These devices are not allowed in our training classes and we see no justification in the use of training with pain by electrical “stimulation”.
Helping Others:
Do you have old collars, leashes, gently used dog toys or crates that your dog no longer uses? Lightly used blankets, towels, or unwanted pet supplies and food? We would love for you to drop them in our donation bin and we will get them to local shelters and rescue!
About the Owners:
Born and raised in Wausau, Sarah Thuot was brought home from the hospital to grow up along side her older sister, Sissy the hound. Surrounded by Poodles, Goldens, Brittanys, Hounds and an occasional Lab; she was hooked!  Relocating to the Madison area for 21 years, she pursued ongoing opportunities to enhance her studies in education, training, and business management at UW Madison. During this time, Sarah also studied and mentored under world re-known behaviorists, trainers, and educators. She continued her training studies and working dogs in a variety of fields while refining her methods and techniques. Developing correct and consistent application of learning theory, positive reinforcement principles and behavior management to obtain her desired goals. A learning experience for Sarah and her dogs!   
In 1994 Sarah and Paul purchased their first Alaskan Malamute puppy and the game was on! She soon found out that training a Malamute was nothing like she had ever experienced. Challenging everything she thought she knew about dogs, she soon realized that she needed to begin thinking & training “outside of the training box”  using totally different methods and ideals for that era. To her surprise, it worked! Games, fun, positive motivation and reinforcement kept the Malamutes interested, engaged and wanting to work!  One year later, she and her husband Paul became knee deep in Alaskan Malamute rescue. Sarah helped form SCAMP, Inc. and wrote the federal papers for recognition as a 501(c)3 non-profit Alaskan Malamute rescue organization. She and Paul fostered, trained, rehomed, and served on multiple dog boards for many years. During this time, Sarah and Paul had a large kennel of Malamutes who they worked in competitive weight pulling, recreational dog sledding, show ring conformation, obedience and agility.
Fast forward: Now Sarah and Paul have relocated back to the Wausau area to stay. She is bringing her 20 + years of education, mentorship, training techniques, hands-on experience and abilities to provide the Wausau area a top notch, family friendly training facility. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve the community and to help create a better life for ALL of Wausau’s families!