Puppy Socialization 
Your new puppy’s first class and maybe the most important in his life! Designed for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks at the start of class. Puppies older than 16 weeks should enroll in Puppy Kindergarten.
Puppy socialization is a time sensitive phase- making the most of this limited, precious period by exposing them to unfamiliar situations, people and other dogs is imperative.  During this small window of time, you are highly influencing their adult temperament and personality. No other time in their lives will be as influential. Classes provide a highly educational Puppy 101 for humans along with working and playing off leash allowing the puppies the best chance to interact with other puppies, humans and the environment.
Fees: $115  Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each.
Puppy Kindergarten
Your puppy will begin to go through many adolescent changes and it is just important to continue working on their socialization skills to develop the best, well rounded adult dog your pup can be!
As a continuation for puppies who have just completed Puppy Socialization, we will build on behaviors learned in class and adding additional distractions and difficulty of tasks. Learning better self-control as they go through changes of growing into an adult and continue to focus on biting, housebreaking, no jumping, walking nicely on a leash, etc.  Kindergarten also offers a wonderful opportunity for group support from other classmates when dealing with the same challenging behaviors you are!
​Note: you must have completed Puppy Socialization to enroll in this course. If your pup did not attend Socialization at Basic Dog, please enroll your pup in our Adolescent Manners I class.
Fees: $115 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each.
Family Manners I
As an Introduction to  Everyday Manners, it’s the perfect starter class for you and your adult (1 yr.+)dog! We introduce you to why dogs behave like the do, their body language and what it is saying to us, and how dogs learn. We will focus on walking nicely on a loose leash, “Off”,  polite greetings without jumping, coming when called, and more.
It’s never too late for your dog to start learning. Dogs need to be comfortable around other dogs and be people friendly. If your dog is not to this point, Private Lessons should be taken first to address those behaviors before entering group classes. Remember, our goal is to set our dogs up in situations and environments where they will succeed!
Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each
Family Manners II
As a continuation of Family Manners I, we add a new level of difficulty to the behaviors we firmly established in the first level. 
The process of using steps to build on these behaviors helps the dogs become very motivated and successful quick learners.  Despite an increased level of temptation and distraction around them, our dogs listen and follow our requests to: use self control walking on a leash~ come instead of running to distraction~ wait at doorways~ politely greet visitors~ many more!
​Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each
*A prerequisite for this class is successful completion of Family Manners I or similar class. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Basic Dog.
Family Manners III
Walking off leash, long distance reliable recalls, taking commands from a distance, and an reliable “stay” with major distractions. Is it possible? Taking our mastered basic commands from Family Manners I & II, we will test our dogs with highly challenging distractions. Focusing on their reliability and then proofing them, we will also make sure we have solid long distance “emergency” commands.
Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each
Adult Manners Classes
 AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program 
S.T.A.R. puppy will help your puppy, purebred or mixed breed, become a well-behaved and healthy member of your family and the community. Socialization, Training, Activity and Responsible Ownership are what every puppy needs in order to have a good life and this book will help you every step of the way! Puppies who graduate from S.T.A.R. classes have the foundation to be successful in the AKC s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program and succeed in more advanced activities. An Adolescent Manners class will fulfill the program requirements.  Fees: $115 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx 50 minutes each. Test fee is included in tuition.
 AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)-
The focus of the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen program is a dog with good manners for the real world. Some of these include important manners such as walking nicely through a crowd, meeting strangers with dogs, etc.​ We will have 5 weeks of classes and on the 6th week, we will have our CGC test. When your dog passes all 10 exercises on the exam with an AKC certified evaluator, you will receive a certificate from AKC! The importance of this certificate is seen favorably by some insurance companies, communities, and housing and condominium associations.
Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each. Test fee is included in tuition. Testing dogs not taking class, $20 per dog. 
AKC Community Canine Advanced (CGCA)-
AKC Community Canine℠ is the advanced level of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program. Dogs who pass the AKC Community Canine test earn the official AKC Community Canine title that is designated by the letters “CGCA” (Advanced CGC) on the dog’s title record.
Whereas Canine Good Citizen tests are most often tested in a ring and situations are simulated, the AKC Community Canine test is done in real situations including at shows, classes, and in the community.
There is no age limit for dogs taking the AKC Community Canine test. However, before taking the test, dogs must have a Canine Good Citizen test on record at AKC.  Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each. Test fee is included in tuition. 
Therapy Prep/Shy Dog Class-
Would you love to be able to take your dog into nursing homes? Libraries? Schools? Or maybe your dog is lacking a little confidence or shy? Either way, this class is for you! 
We will work on confidence building techniques for all dogs by exposing them to the items they encounter in life- Balloons, strollers, vacuums, walkers, & wheelchairs. We will teach you the techniques on how you should react or NOT react to behaviors and how to best use positive reinforcement to teach calming to your dog in a potentially stressful situation. We will set up controlled situations in small steps to slowly build your dogs success in mastering these skills. Any dog with Family Manners III or higher or a good understanding of sit, stay and  healing on a loose leash may enroll. This is not a therapy dog certification but when combined with CGC, it gives you the skills needed for therapy dog certification testing. Our last class will be at an off-site nursing/assisted living facility.
​Fees: $119 Classes meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks for approx. 50 minutes each.
***There are no refunds once classes have started