What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Gerbils?

Gerbils are one of the most loved pets and when it comes about planning about their housing and an area that belongs to those lovely creatures, one has several options when deciding on a cage for your pet gerbils. Gerbil housing breaks down to three main choices that most people consider. The following can be considered as options while choosing a housing facility for your pet gerbils.

Glass Aquariums or Terrariums

What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Gerbils?

Glass aquariums or terrariums are one of the most popular options for gerbil cages and the one most often recommended. These containers are inexpensive, easy to clean and allow you to observe your gerbils more pleasurably. Most importantly, the gerbils cannot chew through these enclosures.

If you decide on an aquarium or terrarium, you will need to get a mesh or wire lid securely fitted on top of it in order to provide proper air circulation. This also prevents the gerbils from jumping out of the cage and keeps any house cats from preying on your critters. The caretaker can buy the lid at a store or construct it yourself out of hardware cloth. These will not only keep them protected from any intruder but will also allow the caretaker to have a great view of them.

Another benefit of using glass aquariums or terrariums as gerbil cages is that this option works well in all parts of the country, regardless the climate, and it is compact for all living situations, and are economical as well, by adding few stuff the house for your pet gerbil is ready.

Apart from this completely closed, maybe suffocating yet safe setup for your gerbils there are more housing options which are cages. In cages, there are again two types out of which it depends on the caretaker to choose the best cages for gerbils, here are the most popular types of cages.

Wire Cages

What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Gerbils?

Another popular option for gerbil cages is wire cages. The wire is effective to combat your passionate chewers and keep them from escaping. The gerbil will have a great pass time and a lot of stuff to be chewed in it still can’t escape. And can live freely, well protected you can play have fun with them.

For selecting the best cages for gerbils, be sure to select a cage with bars close enough together so that to make sure your gerbils cannot escape or get their feet or tails caught. Bars ½-inch apart at most is recommended. Wire cages offer plenty of airflows but can make the surrounding area a bit messy because bedding inevitably will spill out causing a lot of mess. In some situations, where people live in extremely humid climates, the excessive humidity can cause a more potent odor in the glass tank setup which can be avoided by opting such wired cages.

Plastic Cages

These cages can be available in all plastic and plastic-and-wire combinations, these enclosures are another favorite option for gerbil cages. These tend to be attractive to pet parents, especially children, with their fun colors and styles, but because gerbils chew everything, experts do not recommend them as primary housing as these might be attractive and looks good but when it comes about the safety of these creatures they can chew the bars and can escape easily. Kids might see the tubes attractive but gerbils, unlike hamsters, are incredible chewers and will destroy every non-metal surface, and they often get lost because they chew their way out.

Some styles provide little ventilation and you must pay extra attention to the maintenance of these cages because they smell more quickly. So such type of cages can be used as a secondary house for the fun stuff.

Choosing a Size for Gerbil Cages

What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Gerbils?

Gerbils are adorable and loveable creatures and keeping this factor in the mind their housing should be done. While selecting your gerbils’ cage, keep in mind that these small mammals are more of a social creature. This means they need lots of room to burrow and run and enjoy other gerbil interactions.

When it comes to petting gerbils it is always recommended to get them in pair of 2 if a single gerbil is brought it would make him sad. So to keep them active pair is recommended. A rule of thumb is 5-gallons of space is required per gerbil, so if you have a pair of gerbils, a 10-gallon cage—or an average base of 12 inches by 20 inches is a good minimum.


If you have room, 15-20 gallons are preferable they appreciate the space; it is recommended Terrariums are ideal because they are lighter weight than aquariums because the glass doesn’t need to be as heavy, which facilitates cleaning. More the play area more will be happiness among these lovely creatures. Whichever size you choose your gerbil cages clean and well maintained. Experts often recommend cleaning them out every 2-3 weeks. So as to maintain hygiene as well as healthy surroundings for the gerbils. For cleaning the cage such steps can be taken;

Throw out all contents do except a handful of the substrate from the nesting corner, Wash the cage with mild detergent or vinegar, and give a quick wash of all the equipment, air or towel dry, and refill with 2-3 inches of substrate. Add the handful of the used substrate from the nesting cornerback inside for the familiar scent in the nesting box.

These can be the most loved housing facility for the gerbils, more will be space for the more will be the happiness among them and more will be the mess as well, so gerbils are cute and adorable but can be messy as well.